8 Unique Facts About Eggs

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Eggs are the best and cheapest source of protein. However, there are still many who need to know more about the eggs.

It is hardly anyone who does not know which foods are rich in protein. Almost everyone had eaten in a variety of delicious dishes, like fried rice, cakes, noodles, and so on.
Because eggs are so popular, there are so many myths about the eggs. Some are correct and can be justified scientifically, but not a little misguided. Listen to the explanation of the myth of Prof. Dr. Ir. Khomsan Ali, MS from the Department of Community Nutrition, Bogor Agricultural University.

Information "to make smart" is not entirely wrong because the content of the Omega Omega3 eggs are 15x fold higher than ordinary eggs. Why is that? No other because to produce eggs that is rich in Omega3 fatty acid content, also use special chicken feed. Omega3 fatty acids are very important for intelligence. That is why, very good Omega3 eggs consumed by children. It should be remembered, the intelligence of a child not only influenced by nutritional factors. However, determined by genetic factors and the extent to which stimulation provided environment. These three factors are mutually reinforcing each other.

In addition, the eggs of this type also have low cholesterol content. This is because the content of Omega3 eggs among other unsaturated fats can lower cholesterol levels. Keep in mind, high cholesterol levels potentially causing blockages in blood vessels. Blockage is what will cause the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes. Until not too much to say Omega3 eggs is a very suitable food choice to prevent heart disease. The content of Omega3 it was able to strengthen the muscles
the heart.

Not a few people who so believe that eating raw eggs or undercooked eggs may increase their stamina. Their assumption, more fresh raw egg is very good to eat.

Of course this assumption is just a myth. Because the egg is raw and undercooked eggs are not ready to digest the body. Lo, why? Because the condition of raw or partially cooked, the protein is still very strong bond. The body is difficult to break it down into acids
acids so that the process to digest any progress very slow. Hence raw eggs can make the concerned feel full longer. It may be started from this came the myth that eating eggs makes a person feel stronger activity, including exercise.

The habit of adding honey did indeed help the digestive process. Honey can help the eggs to be better digested by the body. However, parents still have to take this problem of food security. Moreover, today many illnesses that arise as a result
food ingredients that are not cooked until done, from typhus to bird flu. Remember, bacteria may be present in raw eggs may enter the body and cause your child to fall ill. Especially if her immune system was bad.

Judging from its nutrient content, yolk is better than egg whites. All types of protein, cholesterol, fat, vitamin A is contained in egg yolk is not owned by whites. In addition, in the raw condition, egg whites can indeed inhibit the absorption of vitamin A. But despite its nutrient content is not as good as the yolk, egg white remain suitable for consumption, provided cooked. Besides the egg whites can be processed like other delicious cakes. Unfortunately not, if discarded?

Chicken eggs are better because they contain amino acids as well as a better and higher than the domestic chicken and the chicken. This is what causes all the nutrients in the kampung chicken eggs can be absorbed by the body better. Even so, in terms of nutritional content, such as fat, cholesterol, vitamins, and others, there is no noticeable difference between chicken eggs and broiler chickens and the country.

All foods contain high or low protein in 100 grams depending on water content. That is, to consume milk as much as 100 cc compared with 100 grams of chicken eggs, of course, better nutritional value of chicken eggs. This is because milk contains more water content than the eggs. As an illustration, the milk contains about 3% protein, while the egg is about 12%. Though the price of 100 cc of milk is relatively much more expensive than the 100 grams of eggs. Especially when compared to meat. Therefore, eggs constitute the best source of animal protein as well as cheapest.

Quite a few parents who did not allow their children eat eggs every day. They worry that because of the hobby eat eggs, blood cholesterol levels in children has increased drastically and cause disturbances / serious illness.

It's certainly very different from the situation of children peer in developed countries are in the daily menu is often presented steak or other meats and drink milk regularly. No wonder if there is limit egg consumption is only 4 points in a week. What is important remember, childhood is a period of growth. In order for optimal growth, adequate intake of good nutrition of course, must be considered. In addition, poor nutritional intake if not impossible to develop their intelligence should not.

Cholesterol is generally just a lot of problems arise when a person aged 40 years and over and not in the child's age. This may be because at that age are usually more prosperous life. They were what it should limit intake of foods that contain high levels high cholesterol. If not, they will be threatened by heart problems and the like are very rarely experienced by the children. If anything, it is usually not eat eggs as a hobby, but rather due to genetic factors

7. EGG inhibitory senility
Dementia occurs because brain cells are starved of glucose or oxygen. Glucose is obtained from carbohydrate sources such as rice or bread instead of protein such as eggs. Thus there is no connection between egg consumption and dementia. That is
why, with breakfast rice or bread, a person's brain will be better prepared for work.
In addition, dementia also occur if the lack of oxygen intake. Whether because of the flow of blood vessels are clogged or many other reasons. Obstructed blood flow makes it difficult to digest individual pertinent information.

8. Eggs Are Good Conditioner
Conditioner is nothing to do with protein and zinc as heavily advertised by many shampoo products. Lack of protein intake will bring disruption and various hair problems, from hair loss, branched, reddish, easily broken, and so on. No wonder when people are on a strict diet by limiting intake of fat and protein, hair fall out so easily. Therefore, consume eggs so healthy and strong hair.